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Most Commonly Asked Questions


I get this a lot, so many questions but everything and anything about the cosmetic enhancement of gel nails. How does it come off? Do you do Solar nails? Aren't solar nails the best??!!


Read more below to get some answers to some of these questions.....

What are Gel Nails?


Gel nails are a form of nail extensions/nail enhancements made using a hard gel product hardened by the curing under an ultraviolet light (UV) or light emitting diode (LED).

What is the different between Sculpted Gel nails and ones with the tips?


  • Gel nails with Tips: This is the most common practice used in applying gel nails. Plastic tips are applied to individual nails with glue and then Gel is applied on top of the plastic tip. This application takes less time and effort for a Nail Technician and is more cost effective for the client.


  • This form of gel application is less common. Sculpted Gel Nails: A paper forms are placed under the client's existing natural nail and a Gel nail extension is created and sculpted by the Nail Technician. This application takes far more time and effort and will cost more for the client. Even though this application is more costly it has a more natural feel and is less likely to have the lifting problems that a plastic tip application may have. (plastic tip lifting from natural nail bed)

How can I remove Gel Nails?
Hard gel nails are removed by either filing the product off to the natural nail or allowing the product to grow out and the free edge is filed down until the product is completely gone.
Sea nails also carries a product by Brissa called Brissa Lite that soaks off which is easier on the natural nail. Ask us if this is something you're interested in!
Do Gel Nails ruin your own natural nails?


Any type of nail application whether it be nail polish, gel nail polish, Hard Gel or Acrylic is not a natural product. It is a cosmetic enhancement which depending on the application can potentially have varying degrees of damage to your natural nail. Be sure to do your research in finding the right Nail Tech for you and your nails. 

Solar Nail/ Powdered Gel, what is it and do you do it?


This is a sensitive topic for me as I feel it's a complete injustice to all the ladies and gents getting this service done.


Gel is a liquid form (has the consistency of syrup) while Acrylic is powder. Never shall the two be confused for one or the other.


Solar Nails is a 100% acrylic nail with a gel top coat. These nails are no better than acrylic or gel but they market it as such and charge you ladies more for this product/service. It's all a lie and if you are going to this type of salon I would be concerned to what other types of practices they partake in.


Powdered Gel


Gel never comes in powder form. If you see them using powder during your service than you're being lied as this is 100% Acrylic. Run for the hills!!






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